A Babies Journey to Life – Conception to Birth Video

A Babies Journey to Life – Conception to Birth Video

What happens after ovulation, fertilization, pregnancy and before birth of a new-born. Life is a journey, it should marvel us that the whole conception phase involves a lot of transformation. At this point it may seem that a child is completely without whims of its own. In reality a lot occurs under the hood, the child shares genes from both parents. This would later become habits, traits, genetic composition and lots more.

Life should be regarded has a gift, and we all have passed through this journey even if it was in an artificial environment. In the case of “test tube babies”. A babies journey starts by conception, this involves the fertilization of the female egg by the male sperm. The fertilized egg then moves to the ovary wall where it attach itself to.

The attachment to the wall connects the baby for support and food, this begins a new phase and reliance on the mother to provide the necessary nutrients for growth and support.

foetal-development of a newborn

So when does miscarriage happens.

This happens for several reasons, a deformed fetus may cause miscarriage, however the most common reason is when the fetus gets detached from the wall providing it support. Self medication is a common cause also, drinking alcohol, and other vices.  Traveling on a bumpy road, hard fall,  rigorous sports or exercise.

It is advised to visit an ante-natal clinic for proper counseling, husbands are advised to come along also. This usually help with the enforcement of the dos and don’ts. Most men tend to over labor their wife during pregnancy, and many women find themselves in a situation where they are receiving little or no support.

An atmosphere of love, helps a baby develop better, and also makes a baby a happy baby after birth. Advice to men be nice and be there, to the women be cautious and make a healthy choice.

Video of a Baby from Conception to Birth


Does the baby play around, suck her fingers, kick the mum, dances to music or hear the parents speak.

This happens at a certain stage of development, the baby does a lot of exercise, like rolling around, stretching, touching the wall of the fetus and a lot more. It is not strange to hear a baby move at the sound of music, or when you speak to the baby. It happens at a certain stage of development. The body parts develop gradually and some parts disappear and some appear. These are all part of the wonders of birthing and human development.

So take out time today to appreciate your parents, especially your mother. No matter the circumstance around your conception and birth. Even if the are together or not, even if they throw you up for adoption. Appreciate the process of your birth, however the biggest appreciation goes to the engineer of life. God Almighty who created all things, and created a system of reproduction.

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