Motivational Affirmations to Inspire and Accomplish More

Motivational Affirmations to Inspire and Accomplish More

Motivational affirmations have the power to boost self-esteem, heal broken spirit and heart, succeed in business, using some inspirational quotes to stay focused. The greatest challenge we have most time is that we are not doing the things we ought to do. Starting with a daily recital of motivational affirmations to build up positive energy and ability to overcome our fears doubt and most important achieve more. We can achieve our dreams using motivational affirmations.

Affirmation is very powerful, it has the power to make what seems impossible to happen, especially our struggles, unfailing, and habits. The first line of defense for sustaining the motivational affirmation is resolving, consistency, and persistence. Then the internalization process takes place where you believe without doubt. At this point you are on course to making things happen has you desire.

The motivational affirmations eventually align your mind, body, soul and spirit to one course. This sets you on course to achieving things beyond your imagination, the universe tends to make provisions, and make things work for you. I believe it is the design of God, to make us tap into the depth of the wonders of creation and make us co-creator.

Motivation affirmations have the power to heal a sick body, soul, and spirit. It can change human genetics, can eliminate bad habits, get you ideas, raise your resolve to drive your business to profit, be a good parent, spouse or person. Whatever motivates you to do positive things to improve your life affirmations greatly helps.

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Creating your Own Words for Motivational Affirmations

This is the most powerful way of creating motivational affirmations, it allows you to design your affirmations in line with your goals and desire. This process starts by listing the things that spur you to action if any you can think of any. Create a story about the things you desire has though you are experiencing them.

Then check your story, to correct vague or ambiguous actions, check for consistency, or look out for negative words that can render the affirmation useless. End the benefits you and everyone connected will benefit from it, and the positive effect it will generate, finally acknowledge God and pray it comes to the past.

This can be likened to a saying of faith, in a repetitive mode. Though what happens behind the scene is beyond the scope of this post, I will give a picture. The flesh or the body is very weak, it dwells in the inconvenience zone, based on past experience,  information stored in the brain and perception. It has a natural limiting factor, that is the brain which actually does swing into a protective mode in flight or fight situation.

The spirit level is timeless, can see into the past and future. This is the zone of possibilities, it has no restraint, it heeds its call when requested. Doubt is its greatest enemy. The mind is the connector, easy to manipulate, it has to align with both the spirit and the body. Essentially the mind can be positioned to do great things, it sends an instruction to the body and connects with your spirit.

See List of positive words for motivational affirmations

The spirit aligns with the mind and body if there are no conflicts in principle, motivational affirmations shapes the mind or conditions it to receive and take in new believes that it will internalize. This sets the motion for the spirit to go into action and make it happen, with the body or flesh cooperating to see it fulfilled.

Motivational Affirmations Inspirational Quotes

Recite motivational affirmations daily by replacing old negative believes with positive ones. Choose a time and quite place, to recite them aloud, make a meaning of each word and believe it. Guide your heart, watch what you see, say and do. Keep the company of people with positive beliefs.

Good motivational affirmations inspiration quotes:

  1. “I am the light of the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.”
  2. ” I overcome every obstacle I may face because I am stronger, better and an overcomer.”
  3. “This too shall pass, no matter the challenge I may face, I shall overcome, and be better of at the end.”
  4. “Money cometh to me now! I am a receptor, I attract favor, ideas, and people respond to me positively.”
  5. “My ideas, business, work, and life attracts the right people, who will go out of their way to make me succeed.”
  6. “I call forth people from the north, east, west and south to be drawn positively towards my business, and to patronize the products and services offered and also be our evangelist.”
  7. “Every organ, tissue, muscle and cell in my body is healed, my body resuscitate and restores every defective and dead cell, tissues and organ in my body, I am healed.”
  8. “I am intelligent and smart, I am not a failure, I always pass every examination, text, and interviews, I do everything necessary to prepare for it and I am drawn to the best materials that help accomplish success.”
  9. “Men and Women of influence are drawn towards me, I attract the right people in my life, I am favored and blessed to have them around. My friends are resourceful and helpful to me, they sow positive vibes in me, and are interested in my growth.”
  10. “I live a stress and depression free life, I have the ability to regulate, my feeding, working, physical and emotional life. I sleep well daily and relate with people around me positively. I am not shaken by the challenges I face daily because I am an overcomer. I am healthy and whole.”

Motivational Inspirations for Self Esteem

  1. “I am wonderfully and beautifully created, I radiate love, energy, enthusiasm and good luck. I am a gift to humanity, I am on course to fulfilling my purpose. People respond to me positively and go out of their way to delight me.”
  2. “I have integrity, I am trustworthy, I have empathy, I am kind and humble, people trust me and I do not betray their trust.”
  3. “I am a peace-loving person, I speak peace, act and react peacefully in all situation. I have control over my emotions, I am calm and calculated.”
  4. “I am a problem solver. I focus on solutions and always find the best solution.”
  5. “Every challenge I face is an opportunity to move to a higher and better place. It is a subtle reminder that my breakthrough is at the end.”
  6. “I am a responsible husband and father, I do things which are right and purposeful for the growth and love with and within the home.”
  7. “I am a virtuous woman, a pride of my husband, and (child) children. A blessing to my home, they love me and I love them always.”
  8. “I am the apple of the eyes of my husband, he loves me and he does things that will not hurt the union. I am loved and favored, I see it every day in his action and words.”

The Central Theme of Motivational Affirmations and Sayings.

The important thing is the ability to create and customize your affirmations, edit it and test it until you find one that is suitable and convenient for you. Meaning the ability to form your own words of affirmations.

Here are some of the tips to use when forming your own motivation affirmations.

  1. Say positive, be positive and do positive things
  2. Include your strong beliefs to see that whatever you truly desire happens.
  3. Have a goal, and believe it will happen no matter the circumstance or challenge you face.
  4. Your success is not negotiable, it is a given. It will happen either supernaturally, or with a stroke of luck, all that is that you will make it against all odds.
  5.  Your conviction is absolute and unwavering.
  6. You truly deserve the goals and the benefits are also for those close to you and those connected to you.
  7. Acknowledge God in your heart, mind, act and words.
  8. Remember every challenge, impossibility or obstacle is the gateway to success, it is only a facade. The moment you press further you find out that there is always a way out.
  9. Open your mind the possibilities, always seek for a way out. Create more and more options. And you get refined and became a problem solver.
  10. Delete failure, setback or problem from your dictionary. It is only a call to refine your plans and strategize.
  11. Replace bad habits with good ones. The best way to kill habits is replacing it with positive ones.
  12. Use present tense when creating your affirmations
  13. Read books that will re-enforce your new-found beliefs.
  14. Expose yourself to words, images, people, and events that will help you hold on to your affirmations, what you see, read and interact with influences you.

Books on Motivational Affirmations

As mentioned earlier, affirmations are strengthened by an external and internal factor. Books, videos, and events can help you. You can find books that will help your motivational affirmations.