How to get your ex boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse back

How to get your ex boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse back

The feelings that follow after breakup is incredibly a traumatizing experience for both parties involved. We have really done something really stupid and lost hold of the one we truly loved. Although, you have gone separate ways but you can’t truly forget or forgive yourself of the feeling that you have done a huge mistake and regret what you have done and this has really cost you dearly. And you truly love your ex and you really want him/her back, then you will have to consider the following steps in getting your ex back.

Consider what lead to the break up

Are you truly sure you want him/her back just because you feel you can’t have him/her back? Or maybe you also want to have a girlfriend or boyfriend just like others? Or you are sure you truly sure you love him/her? Is one (or both) of both of you nagging, controlling, abusive or possessive? Did one (or both) cheat in the relationship? If one or more of the thing happened, you will have to give yourself a deep thought and give a long and hard thought about going back into that kind of relationship and you truly and sincerely still want him/her back.

Act and behave like the person he/she fell in love withget back my ex

Your ex was attracted to you for a definite reason(s), either he/she felt good with you and you were fulfilling his/her emotional needs, did you anytime changed? Please ask yourself and answer the question yourself then you will have to correct bad habits and mistakes.  You will have to stay positive around, feel good about yourself and make good friends around you. Don’t like you have been stuck in the past.

Stay in his/her life

A very huge mistake most people make is totally cutting them offs their ex once they have broken up. Although this might be hard to accomplish at first by entering yourself into their life after you two have broken up. By doing this, it makes it hard for him/her to move on, which is also allow you to place yourself into his/her life has a friend. This will remind him/her of the good qualities that you have and your abilities to be there for him/her.

Prepare your first word

The first word really matters and goes a long way. Your first word you will want to say to your ex should carefully select and thought of, because it is highly important. If you choose the wrong words you will loose the chances of getting your ex back. You must note that sobbing and begging him to come back to your life won’t be productive but instead initiate the breakup there is a great chance that she still nurtures a good feeling about you.

Apologize if need be

Apologize for what you failed to do and what you didn’t do. Humans have this unique and distinct ability to be very forgiving they truly believe you realise what you did wrongly and you have to make a better decision next time. Whether you two broke up because you were too busy and giving less attraction to him/her or you are paying too much attention to someone else, then there is a need to take responsibility for your wrong manners/behaviour in a sincere way and promise for a change.

Find out if your ex still cares

Before trying to take any steps in winning back your ex’s heart you will need to know if your ex truly cares or not. If he/she doesn’t care again and you are still bent on getting him/her back, then you need to device the most subtle way in getting him/her to start caring, even at the slightest. You will have to find out if you still hold a special place in his/her heart or not, because this is the most important.

Be available

This is necessarily of great importance if the reason of your break up is associated with or if you have been accused of being too busy. People always like being loved, cared for and given special attention to. If you don’t make a giant step in showing how much you care and it means to you by being there. Endeavor to be available and attentive and you must act like your ex means so much to you.

Be sincere

Don’t play your ex if you don’t want him/her back, you must be sincere and mean every word you say. Don’t waste your time or that of your ex.

If you truly love your ex, you must take due cognizant of the tips and also show remorse for the wrong doing of what you did while you were dating and you are ready to make things work and you are serious about it. I wish you luck in your relationship.

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