List of Positive Affirmations

List of Positive Affirmations

The list of positive affirmations will help you develop and use affirmations to create a sense and awareness of possibilities. Things that hitherto difficult to achieve becomes easier with positive affirmations. It better to say your affirmations in the morning, you can choose the right moment to say it.

Saying your affirmations aloud, helps you cement it in your subconscious. It also erases negative thoughts and replaces them with a positive one. The power of positive affirmations will help you live a better and healthier life. Impossibilities will now become the new possible. The overall benefit of positive affirmations is reformation. This makes an ordinary person become extraordinary, good health, right choices, favor, great atmosphere around you and much more.

So let’s look through the list of positive affirmations, ideally, you are to customize them to fit your needs. Test the affirmations to see it fits your goal. A bit tweaking here and there will help you create a positive affirmation.


list of positive affirmations


Positive affirmations for concentration and focus

If you have several uncompleted task and projects, then you need to stay focus and concentrate on one task per time. As long as you have not completed the task you have or you are not turning them in on time. You need to fight for concentration and focus on completing your tasks without getting distracted.

  1. I am focused, I get things done on time.

Positive affirmations for confidence

The courage to take on challenges requires confidence in oneself. This may be on the job, interview, presentation, defense, sales, convincing another person or your team. This could also be the way you view yourself, in the eye of the public.

  1. I am a totally confident person, I radiate joy and authority.

Positive affirmations for life

Life is the essence of everything around us, without it everything is meaningless. Understanding how precious it helps us to keep things in perspective and appreciate it. It makes us live for a purpose.

  1. I live a purpose driven life, I am on the path of destiny, I accomplish things beyond my imagination.

Positive affirmations about the future

Uncertainty about what the future holds may trigger fear in us, especially when we look at our present reality. Regaining control of now is to set our eyes fixed on the future, and know that whatever we face now is just a phase.

  1. My future is bright, I succeed against all odds.

Positive affirmations for anxiety

Be anxious for nothing, but with thanksgiving and appreciation thank. God for what you have and for the victory you are yet to receive.

  1. I am happy and confident that all things work together for my good. In all situations, I come out stronger and better.

Positive affirmations for breaking bad habits

Bad habits are really had to leave, it takes grace. However, a method that has proven to help include replacing bad habits with good ones. This way the body defaults to the new habits by replacing the old bad habit with the good one.

  1. I imbibe healthy habits, that improves the quality of life I live.

Positive affirmations for favor

If you are in the deep of a mess or seeking intervention where there seem to be none. Favor get to make a difference, people will single you out to help you attain a goal. Affirmations can get people to favor you, this makes the difference between struggle and favor.

  1. I am favored today, I am favored every day of my life.

Positive affirmations for forgiveness

Hurt is a negative feeling or emotion, this gives birth to unforgiveness. The power to forgive comes from a place of peace, and restoration.

  1. I live in peace with everyone connected to me, my heart is light, I hold nothing against anyone.

Positive affirmations for gratitude

A heart full of gratitude is one that gives thanks for things they have, things they do not have, and things they have received.

  1. I am grateful to be alive, I appreciate the love shown me in acts and deeds. I give thanks for all gifts I have received.

Positive affirmations for happiness

The opposite of happiness is sadness, this has some negative emotion involved, which also include depression, moodiness, confusion and more. A happy soul, mind, and body is a healthy one, it radiates to people around them.

  1. I have joy and peace in abundance. I am filled with hope, confidence, and love.

Positive affirmations for health

Our choices sometimes affect our health, and in some cases, it is a birth defect, hereditary or genetics. The human body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself.

  1. I make healthy food choices, my body heals every dead or deficient cell, tissue, and organ. I exercise daily and have a good sleep time.

Positive affirmations for inspiration

We get motivated through different means, some motivation affirmations get us to act, belief or build up our confidence.

  1. Though the mustard seed is very tiny, it becomes a giant and significant tree when planted. My actions now may be small, they would grow to become giant and mighty.

Positive affirmations for leadership

Leadership is in all followers, however, the quality of leadership separates the best from the mediocre, we sometimes stumble on the leadership position. Or by virtue of our growth in life, it is a great deal to be a good leader.

  1. I lead by example, I am loved, I make the right decision, and my followers heed to my directives.

Positive affirmations for love

Love matters are matters of the heart, fragile and powerful. Love is what we all crave for, the power of love heals, cares and lighten up.

  1. I love my partner and my partner loves, we support each other, and I can be myself without been judged. Love conquers all for us.


Positive affirmations for money

If you want you needs met, and like to have sufficiency. Having the purchasing power is critical, money is a means of exchange and it comes to those who understand its way.

  1. Money cometh to me now, I am an empowered giver, I have sufficiency in all things.

Positive affirmations for overcoming challenges

We face challenges every day, they are a means of us getting to the place of rest, life seems to through challenges at us to test our resolve.

  1. I am victorious, I am courageous and bold. I come out better in every situation.

Positive affirmations for Peace

Peace of mind is necessary for a good health and state of mind. The peace that transcends all understanding is what everyone desires.

  1. My mind is at peace, I live peacefully with everyone around me, No situation ruffles me because my mind is in a perpetual state of peace.

Positive affirmations for rest and a quality life

Most people find themselves running from pillar to post, hustling and work so hard to make ends meet. You might be doing fine, but your work does not allow you to rest or give you the quality life you deserve.

  1. My body is healthy and well rested, I have a good night rest and also enjoy having fun and doing things I love to do.

Positive affirmations for retentive memory

Ability to recall things especially for professionals, students, and business people is critical. Remembering important dates and events in your life can help you keep a good relationship and perspective of your life.

  1. I am grateful that my mind is sharp and recalls memories of events and details, I am sound, wise and witty.

Positive affirmations for self-esteem

One of the needs of man is self-esteem, according to Maslow’s theory of needs, it is one of the important things man crave for. Self-esteem drives confidence and belief in self. Accomplishing task and challenges we face daily require a great deal of self-esteem.

  1. I am unique and wonderfully created, I am one in a billion. I am loved, cherished and favored.

Positive affirmations for weight loss

Weight loss needs a deliberate action and attempt, also some efforts do not last. Affirmations can help you develop new habits and sustain your weight loss efforts.

  1. My feeding habits are regulated, I am fit, strong and healthy,  I enjoy my new toned body.

Positive affirmations for work

Our work requires us to perform optimally, to show and prove yourself worthy of the assignment and task before us. Our excellence at work will make us stand before kings and men of influence.

  1. I am diligent, smart and focused, I work with passion and love what I do, I receive a good rewarded for my work and it also impacts the world positively.

Now you can come up with your own affirmations on self-control especially to restrain you from your bad habits, anger, and the likes. Or from a consistent state of stress and depression. To affirming that you would be successful.

  • Positive affirmations for self-control
  • Positive affirmations for stress and depression
  • Positive affirmations for success

The list of affirmations can help you live a better life and solve nagging issues you been dealing with for long.