List of Positive Words for Motivational Affirmation

List of Positive Words for Motivational Affirmation

Positive words are linked to motivational affirmation, using a list of positive words will help you construct affirmations that will boost your self-esteem and also boost your energy to stay focused and determined to succeed. The use of negative words for affirmation only threatens the mind to trigger the flight and fight mechanism. It is safer to use positive words that will reinforce your beliefs and focus.  Compiled below is a list of positive words you can use for the construction of motivational affirmations.

The list below can also be used in our everyday life words construction, it creates an atmosphere of positivity.

A – List of Positive Words

Able, Accept – Acceptance – Acceptable – Accepted – Accepting, Action, Activate, Active, Add, Addition, Adorable, Advantage, Affirm, Ageless, Agree, Agreeable, Aid, Aim, Abundance, Accountability, Accomplishment – Accomplish, Accuracy, Achievement – Achieve, Acknowledgement, Adaptability, Adventure – Adventurous, Agility, Alertness, Ambition, Anticipation, Appreciate – Appreciation – Appreciative – Appreciativeness, Assertiveness – Assertive, Attentiveness, Audacity, Aware – Awareness, Authentic – Authenticity, Attraction, Allow – Allowing, Affection – Affectionate, Absorbed, Alert, Amazed, Awe – Awed, Animate – Animated – Animating – Animation – Animateness, Ardent, Amazing, Awesome – Awesomeness, Aroused, Astonished – Astonishing, Amused, Air – Airness, Aloha, Adore, Admire, Admirable, Allure, Angel – Angelic, Altruism – Altruistic, Abound – Abounding – Abounds- Abundant, Absolute – Absolutely, Accessible, Acclaimed, Accommodate – Accommodated – Accommodation – Accommodating, Ample, Appreciative Joy, Amin,Affable, Alacrity, Amiable, Astounding, Attractive, Alive – Aliveness, Acclaim, Abundant Gratification, Acclamation, Accomplished, Accomplishments, Accurate, Accurately, Achievable, Achievements, Action For Happiness, Active And Constructive Steps, Acts Of Kindness, Adaptable, Adaptive, Adequate, Admirably, Admiration, Admired, Adored, Adoring, Advanced, Advantageous, Advantageously, Advantages, Affability, Affably, Affinity, Affirmation, Affirmative, Affluence, Affluent, Afford, Affordable, Affordably, Agile, Agreeableness, Agreeably, Aligned, All Is Well, Alluring, Alluringly, Alternative Healing, Amaze, Amazement, Amazes, Amazingly, Amiability, Amicable, Amicably, Amusing, Appeal, Appealing, Applaud, Appreciable, Appreciated, Appreciates, Appreciation Of Beauty, Appreciatively, Appropriate, Approval, Approve, Ardor, Art Of Appreciation, Art Of Stillness, Art Of Well-being, Assurance, A Reason For Being,  Accommodative, Amazing Words, Amiably, Accolade, Acumen, Adjustable, Admirer, Admiring, Admiringly, Adorer, Adroit, Adroitly, Adulated, Adulation, Adulatory, Adventuresome, Advocated, Ambitious, Ambitiously, Ameliorate, Amenity, Amity, Amply, Amuse, Amusingly, Apotheosis, Assume Your Own Value, Astonishingly, Astonishment, Authentic Happiness, Awaken, Awakening.

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B – List of Positive Words

Beatify, Beatitude, Beneficial, Benefit, Benevolent, Beloved,Best, Better, Bless – Blessing – Blessed, Bliss – Blissfulness – Blissful, Bloom, Blossom, Balance – Balanced, Beauty – Beautiful – Beautifully, Belong – Belonging, Boldness, Bravery, Brilliance – Brilliant, Bliss On Tap, Beyond Fabulous, Bright, Brightness, Blasting, Blazing, Blinding, Breathtaking, Bubbling, Busting, Buoyancy, Breeziness,  Be Extraordinary, Be Happy, Beautify, Being At Rest, Benefactor, Benefits, Benevolence, Benevolently, Benevolently Cheerful State Of Mind, Best Of All Possible Worlds, Beyond, Beauty In All Things,  Believable, Blood-brothers, Bohemian Soul, Best-selling, Better And Better, Better-known, Better-than-expected, Beyond Thank You, Big Vision, Blithesome, Blossoming, Bonus

C – List of Positive Words

Care – Caring, Calm, Create, Creative – Creativity – Creativeness, Capable – Capability – Capably, Celebrate – Celebration, Certain – Certainty, Charitable – Charity, Charm – Charming – Charmer, Choice, Clean – Cleanliness, Comfort – Comfortable – Comforting, Cuddle – Cuddling, Candor, Carefulness, Challenge, Change, Cheerful – Cheerfulness, Clarity, Collaboration, Commitment, Communication, Community, Compassion – Compassionate, Competent – Competence – Competency, Concentration, Confident – Confidence, Consciousness, Consistency – Consistent, Content – Contentment, Continuity – Continuous, Contribution, Conviction – Convincing, Cooperation, Courage, Courtesy – Courteous, Curious – Curiosity, Chakra, Cool, Clear Headed, Centered, Closeness, Companionship, Considerate – Consideration, Communion, Connect – Connected – Connection – Connectedness, Conquer, Cute, Charisma – Charismatic, Collected, Cheerful Willingness, Cheers, Congruence, Cordial, Crank (Up), Capital, Corking, Clear, Caress, Cheerful Mood, Complimentary Words, Contented, Coziness, Cuteness, Carefreeness, Carefree, Centering, Centering Meditation, Citizen Of Mastery, Co-creating, Co-creator, Cohesion, Continual Stream Of Synchronicity, Creative Process

D – List of Positive Words

Direction, Delicate, Decent, Desirable, Delicious – Deliciousness, Do, Dream – Dreamy, Dynamic, Daring, Decisiveness, Delight – Delighted – Delightful, Dependability, Desire, Determination, Devotion, Dignity, Diligence, Discipline, Discovery, Discretion, Diversity, Drive, Duty, Divine, Dazzled, Disney, Devoted, Dandy, Daimon, Debonair, Detachment, Dedicated, Dazzle, Delightfully, Deeper Part Of You, Deserve, Dis-identify, Dope, Dope Chill Out

E – List of Positive Words

Empathy – Empathize – Emphatic, Easy – Easily – Easier, Educate – Education – Educated, Efficient, Enable – Enabled, Energetic – Energize – Energy, Engage – Engaging – Engaged, Enjoy – Enjoyment, Enough, Eager – Eagerness, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Elation, Elegance, Encourage – Encouragement – Encouraged, Endurance, Equality, Excellence – Excellent, Excite – Excitement – Excited, Experience, Expertise, Exploration, Expressiveness – Expressing, Enlightenment, Eternal, Exaltation, Emulate, Empower – Empowering – Empowered, Expansive, Exhilarating, Enthusiastic – Enthusiasm, Engrossed, Enchanted, Entranced, Ecstatic, Elated, Enthralled, Exuberant – Exuberance, Expectant, Enlivened, Efficacy, Ease, Exemplary, Extraordinary, Earnest, Elevate – Elevated, Equanimity, Ease-of-mind, Excited Anticipation, Extra, Equity – Equitably – Equitable, Easy To Talk To, Easy To Approach, Evolve, Exalting, Exultant, Enormous, Exceptional, Exciting, Exquisite, Embrace, Empowering Words, Encouraging Words, Effortless Ease,Effortlessly, Embody The Love

F – List of Positive Words

Fantastic, Feel Good – Feeling Good, Flow – Flowing, Fabulous, Fair, Faith, Faithful, Fame, Favorite, Fairness, Family, Fidelity, Flexibility, Focus, Flourish, Forgive – Forgiving – Forgiveness, Fortitude, Free – Freedom, Frugality, Fun, Future, Friend – Friendly – Friendship – Friendliness, Fascinate – Fascinated, Fulfill – Fulfilled, Food, Feisty – Feistiness, Feasible, Fine, Fearless, Festive – Festiveness, Fit, Flawless, Famous, Fancy, Flashy, Funny Jokes, Flaunting, Fondle, frictionless Flawlessly, Flourishing, Fortuitous.


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G – List of Positive Words

Glow, Generous – Generosity, Generate, Genial, Genius, Genuine, Gift, Give – Giving, Good, Goodness, Going The Extra Mile, Grace, Gratitude – Gratefulness, Grow – Growth, Guide – Guiding – Guidance, God, Grounded, Glory, Godliness, Good-feeling, Groovy, Giddy, Glad, Good Health, Glamor, Giggling, Goddess, Gorgeous – Gorgeousness, Grandiosity, Gentleman, Gargantuan, Grand, Great, Ginger, Good-humored, Goodwill, Good Indwelling Spirit, Good Word, Good Words, Good-humored, Goodwill, Good Fortune, Game-changer, Generator Of Life, Gracefully, Graciousness

H – List of Positive Words

Hope – Hopefulness, Happiness – Happy – Happily, Harmonious – Harmonize – Harmony, Health – Healthy, Heart, Hello, Help – Helpful – Helping, Hot – Honest – Honesty, Human, Humor, Helpfulness, Hero – Heroism, Holy – Holiness, Honor, Hospitality, Humble, Heaven – Heavenly, Halo, Heartfelt, Heartwarming, One-pointedness, Happy Hearted, Heedful, Handsome, Huge, Highly Distinguished, Happy Words, Heart-opening, Hospitable, Human Flourishing, Highly Distinguished, Harness, Heightened, Holistic, Holy Spirit

I – List of Positive Words

Imagination, Inspire – Inspiration – Inspired – Inspirational, In-love, Idea, Incredible, Innovate – Innovation, Interesting – Interest – Interested, Improvement, Independence, Influence, Ingenuity, Inner Peace, Insight – Insightfulness – Insightful, Integrity, Intelligence – Intelligent, Intensity, Intimacy, Intuitiveness, Inventiveness, Investing, Intention, Invigorate – Invigorated, Intrigued, Involve – Involved, Inclusion, Innocent, Ineffable, Intrepid, Idealism, Illumination – Illuminated, Incomparable, Invincible, Inquisitive, Infinite, Infinity, Illustrious, Inner, Incredible Cuteness, Indwelling, Inspirational Words, Inspiring Word, Inspiring Words, Illustrious, Inner, Inner Spirit, Interconnected, Intuition

J – List of Positive Words

Joy – Joyful – Joyous, Joke, Jolly, Jovial, Just, Justice, Jubilant, 

K – List of Positive Words

Kindness – Kind – Kind-heart – Kindly, Keep-up, Kiss, Knowledge, Kittens, Keen, Kind Words, 

L – List of Positive Words

Like, Laugh – Laughing, Learn – Learning, Life, Live – Living, Luxury, Longevity, Loyalty – Loyal, Love – Lovable – Loving, Liberty, Logic, Leader – Leadership, Luck – Lucky, Light, Loving-kindness, Lively, Life Of The Party, Lovely, Loving Acceptance, Loving Feelings, Leading, Light Fog, Lives Through, Love Words, Lover Of Beauty, Lustrous, Lustrous Colors, Light-hearted, Leeway, Let Go, Letting Go, Liveliness, Love Fulfilled

M – List of Positive Words

Meaning – Meaningful, More, Magnificent, Majesty, Many, Marvelous, Merit, Motivate, Miracle, Magic, Making A Difference, Mastery, Maturity, Mindful – Mindfulness, Modesty, Motivation – Motivational, Mercy, Meditation, Mind-blowing, Mellow, Moved, Movement, Mutuality, Mourning, Major, Mild, Meaningful Words, Memorable, Motivated Words, Motivating Words, Motivational Words, Moving, Magnetic To Love, Mirthful, Myriad

N – List of Positive Words

Noble, Nurturing – Nurture, Non-resistance – Non-resistant, New, Nice, Nirvana, Neat, Nature-made, Nourish – Nourished – Nourishing – Nourishment, Nice Words.

O – List of Positive Words

Optimist – Optimistic, Outstanding, Ok, On, Onwards, Open – Openly – Opening, Open-minded, Opportunity, Original, Openness, Optimism, Order, Organization, Originality, Outcome, Orientation, Obedient, Open Hearted, Overcome, Outgoing, Oneness, Overly Optimistic, Owning Your Power

P – List of Positive Words

Perfect – Perfection, Positive Energy, Positive Thoughts, Positive Events, Positive Circumstances, Positive Beliefs, Peace – Pacify, Paradise – Paradisiac, Passion – Passionate, Please, Pure, Perseverance, Persistence, Personal Growth, Pleasure, Positive Attitude, Positive Words, Power – Powerful, Practicality, Precision, Preparedness, Presence, Preservation, Privacy, Proactive, Progress, Prosperity Prosperous, Punctuality – Punctual, Patience, Proud, Pleased, Play – Playful – Playfulness, Participation, Purpose, Pick-me-up, Pious, Puppies, Polite, Positive Mind, Positive Thinking, Pretty, Precious, Pardon, Promptness, Priceless, Pride, Positive Feelings, Peace Of Mind, Peaceful Words, Positive Emotions, Positive Feelings, Positive Vocabulary, Power Words, Powerful Positive Words, Powerful Words, Power-on, Power-up, Protect, Politeness, Pour Your Love, Powerful Possibility, Privilege, Propitious

Q – List of Positive Words

Quality, Quiet – Quietness, Quaint, Quiescent, Queenly, Quickening, Quiescent Mind, Quality Words

R – List of Positive Words

Respect, Radiant, Ready – Readiness, Real – Reality, Reason, Recommend, Refresh – Refreshed, Relax – Relaxed, Relief, Relieve – Relieved, Remarkable, Rationality, Recognition, Relationships, Reliable – Reliability, Religion, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Righteousness, Risk-taking, Romance, Revelation, Revived, Restore – Restored, Rest – Rested, Renew – Renewed, Rejuvenate – Rejuvenated, Rapture – Rapturous, Resilient – Resilience, Reverence, Ripe, Reborn, Relatedness, Relent, Renowned, Respected, Rainbow, Romantic, Relent, Renowned, Radiate, Recognize, Releasing, Rightful

S – List of Positive Words

Scope, Smile – Smiling, Soulmate, Soul – Soulful, Sacred, Safe – Safety, Secure – Secured – Security, Sustain – Sustained, Save, Savings, Simple – Simplify, Selflessness, Self-esteem, Service, Simplicity, Sincerity, Skill – Skilled, Spirit, Serene – Serenity, Stability, Strength, Style, Systematization, Self-love, Strive, Salvation, Self-respect, Self-forgiveness, Serve, Sympathetic, Self-compassion, Self-kindness, Spellbound, Stimulated – Stimulating – Stimulation, Satisfied, Still, Surprised, Sleep, Sexual Expression, Shelter, Self-expression, Space – Spacious, Spontaneity – Spontaneous, Sunshine, Spark – Sparkle – Sparkles, Sweet – Sweetness, Support – Supporting – Supported, Sexy – Sexiness, Supreme, Succulent, Sweetheart, Study – Studious, Savour – Savouring, Sufficient, Stupendous, Swag – Swaggy, Splendid, Smart, Spectacular, Special, Serendipity, Synergy, Shine – Shining, Start, Steadfastness, Sublime, Superpower, Spunky, Shape-shifting Virtuoso, Soul-stretching, Strong Words, Sacred Space, Shift In Focus, Show Up More Present, Stellar, Supercharge, Supercharged, Symptoms Of Greatness,Synchronicity

T – List of Positive Words

True, Trust – Trusting , Tact, Teach – Teachable, Team, Thankful – Thank – Thank-you – Thankfulness, Therapy, Time, Teamwork, Timeliness, Tolerance, Tradition, Tranquil – Tranquility, Truth – Truthfulness, Tender, Thrilled, Touch – Touched, Tickled, To Matter, To Know, To Be Known, To Be Seen, Transformative – Transformation – Transform, Triumph, Thrive – Thriving, Tenacity, To Be, Transparent, Tenderly, Time Optimist, To Let Go

U – List of Positive Words

Unification, Unique, Uplift, Ultimate, Unconditional, Upgrade, Useful, User-friendly, Unity, Understand – Understanding – Understood, Unification Of Mind, Up, Upskill, Unbelievable, Unflappable, Unreal, Utter Amazement, Pleasure, Unbearably Cute, Unhurry, Unbelievable, Unflappable, Unreal, Utter Amazement, Up-leveled

V – List of Positive Words

Vitality, Value – Values – Valuable, Virtuous, Valid, Verify, Very, Viable, Virtue, Victory – Victorious, Variety, Vulnerability – Vulnerable, Vibrant, Vow, Vim, Vigor, Versatility, Ubuntu

W – List of Positive Words

Worth – Worthy – Worthiness, Wealth, Warm – Warmth, Welcome, Will – Willingness , Wisdom, Wise, Won, Wonderful, Well-being, Wholeheartedness, Wow, Wonder, Water, Well, Wellness, Welfare, Whole, Wonder-working, Win – Winnable – Winning, Web Of Relatedness, Wholeheartedly, Willing To Learn, Wondrous, World-builder, Worthiness To Take Up Space

X – List of Positive Words

X-ray Vision 

Y – List of Positive Words

Yes, Youth – Youthful, Young, Young At-heart, Yuppie, Yay, Yearn, Yea, Yeah, Yummy, Yen, You Are Loved, Your True Value

Z – List of Positive Words

Zealous, Zeal, Zest, Zest For Life


Use the above lists of positive words to create motivational affirmations, the affirmations can be refined until you get the right flow to it. Ensure you have positive words that will help your mind cancel out negative words and thoughts. It is advised you use words that you can easily relate with or one that you have a positive story around.

What is the first positive word that comes to mind in any successful situation, write it down and add it to the dictionary list you already have.

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